Espiritual Treatment

Surgery Without Organic Injury

Toda 2a. feira - as 14h - Hour Brazil UTC (-03:00).


01 - You do not need any kind of registration or send personal data such as number of documents, names of parties and personal addresses. Nor is it necessary to report your problem physical or spiritual health. No need to make use of special clothing colors like white, or use linens or towels in the same color or any other object that represents a ritual order material environment.

Spirits are everywhere and know what each of us needs the exact measure of our needs.

02 - Try to keep an atmosphere of elevation and isolation before the treatment.

03 - If possible, access TV Alvorada at - - to participate in the explanations on the treatment prior of being attended.

04 - Participate in the initial prayer and pay a close attention to the lecture to be delivered during which the friendly spirits will be preparing the persons for the surgery itself, including the atmosphere in the house where the ill person finds himself.

05 - On the conclusion of the lecture, you should go to bed by keeping the elevation of your feelings and a faith in God, regardless of the religion the patient professes. Try to relax lying on your bed by making a sincere and trustful prayer.

06 - If you fall asleep during the time you lye on the bed (it should not be more than 60 minutes) just sleep without any problem.

07 - Before you lay down on the bed, provide a bottle of drinking water and place it near your bed and, if the problems has to do with you sight, you may also place a flask of a solution having 3% of boric acid, or else, distilled water.

08 - If you can, turn on a background music that is soft and relaxing.

09 - On standing up after the surgery, you may drink a little of the drinking water and put a drop of the boric acid solution or distilled water on each eye.

10 - Observe the POST SURGERY CARE for the various illnesses as follows:


REGARDING ALL KINDS OF HEALTH PROBLEMS: Abolish the use of cigarettes or tobacco and alcoholic beverages.

EYE PROBLEMS: Avoid watching TV, reading and exposure to brightness. Do not strain the eyes for 10 days. Use dark glasses if necessary.

PROBLEMS OF THE THROAT, SINOSITIS, NASAL CONGESTIONS, ADENOID, TUBERCULOSIS, BRONQUITES, ASMA, OTITIS, TYROID: Keep away from the stove, from a hot sun and ice cold beverages for 10 days.

KIDNEYS, NEFRITIS, POLYCISTIC KEDNEY DISEASE: Avoid salty and fatty food and everything that is acid. Avoid soft drinks for 15 days.

VARICOSE, PROBLEMS IN THE KNEE: Do not force the affected area for 15 days.

LIVER, GAUL, ULCER, GASTRITIS AND STOMACH PROBLEMS: Avoid fatty and spiced food, pork meat, soft drinks, acid food, alcoholic beverages, fried food and coffee for sixty days.

PSICHOSOMATIC DISEASES: These generally involve depression, neurosis, anguish, tension…Seek guidance at a spiritual centre.


Problems related with the heart, blood circulation and/or blood pressure, problems regarding the lower belly, the womb, ovary, fallopian tubes, the bladder, the prostate, the intestine and an hernia : a relative rest of 15 days should be observed.

Problems involving the spine: a rest of 06 (six) days should be observed divided into two parts: an absolute rest of 03 (three) days and a relative rest of 03 (three) days.(without exerting any kind physical effort at all), a firm mattress and a thin pillow in the case of scolliosis, lordosis, etc. should be used). Any travelling, driving, sweeping the house, clothe washing, riding on a biclycle, sewing, embroidery, any physiotherapy, traction, hydrotherapy, massage, gymnastics, any bending of the body should be avoided for 06 days . Move around without much agitation.


The heart rate suddenly increases, a sharp twinge in the chest, a breathing difficulty, a dormancy of the arms and fingers, a loss of touch, a pain in the legs and heels, a stingy feeling in the feet, a numbness of the fingers, a feeling of burning in the legs, headache, dizziness, a hot and yellow urine, difficulty in urinating.


A spiritual healing may bring about sleep. After the first hours, the patient may feel pain. If necessary, use an analgesic. Spiritual assistance do not exempt medical treatment.

There are many factors for a person to improve, among which you find merit, the wish to do good deeds to your fellowman and the effort of overcoming his own frailties. If the interested person does not comply with these conditions, he is often already receiving the cure through the illness he has. A person that does not change himself, who does not practice good deeds and does not transform himself, will not be able to improve because the cure is not something that comes from the outside into the inside; it is something that must start coming from the inside of the ill… from his spirit… so that, after some time, it reflects itself in his physical body.