Books in Portuguese

Our library has a collection of 14 books spiritualists in Portuguese.

Allan Kardec - Obras Basicas

Anuario Espirita 2009 a 2005

Andre Luiz Ruiz



Allan Kardec - Basic books

Available in digital printing (PDF format) the basic books of the spirit encoding:

The Book of Spirits
The Book of Mediums
The Gospel According to Spiritism
Heaven and Hell - The divine justice according to spiritism
The Genesis

Anuário Espírita 2005 a 2009

The five editions of the spiritual directory can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

André Luiz Ruiz

Meet the books psychographic by the medium André Luiz Ruiz. Among the books is available Books: Love Never Forget You, the first novel of the trilogy written by the Spirit Lucius.

Matthieu Tubino

The spiritualist books "A Sap called ectoplasm" is available for free download.

Wilson Frungilo Jr

Two books are available for download:
Do Outro Lado
Neighborhood of Strangers